On Sunday at about 21:00, Estonian police received a report that close to Pernu, a Mercedes Benz E220 was stolen from a taxi driver and the 65-year old driver himself had disappeared and was unreachable, according to the Estonian news portal postimees.ee.

Investigators found that about an hour later, at 22:00 the hijacked car had crossed the Estonian-Latvian border. The search for the suspects was then passed over to Latvian and Lithuanian police.

Shortly after, a report came from Lithuania that the Mercedes taxi and the 18 year-old and 20 year-old men who were in the car had been detained. Both men are Estonian citizens who had recently lived in the United Kingdom.

Neither of the men had previous convictions. However, on Monday morning the taxi driver was found dead. Investigators have not excluded the possibility that the taxi driver was killed during the robbery.