Seimas wants Communist Party declared a criminal organization

Grūto park. Lenin statue that stood in Vilnius
Foto: DELFI / Inga Saukienė

The Lithuanian parliament on Tuesday urged the government to draft a law declaring the former Lithuanian Communist Party a criminal organization, saying that the party's activities during the years of Soviet occupation had signs of criminal activity.

The Seimas passed the respective resolution with 53 votes in favor, one against and 24 abstentions.

"There are possible signs of criminal activity in the activities of the Lithuanian unit of the CPSU (the Communist Party of the Soviet Union) in organizing and committing, through subordinate repressive structures, crimes against the inhabitants of Lithuania -- genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes," the document reads.

In the resolution, the Seimas calls on the government to draft, as soon as possible, a law to declare the Lithuanian Communist Party a criminal organization.

The resolution "addresses the problem of evaluating the criminal activity of the Lithuanian Communist Party as a legal entity, while the issue of the criminal liability of individuals who committed or participated in the crimes of the occupation regime is addressed by the existing legislation that ensures the implementation of criminal liability".

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