Lithuanian scientists claim to have found Prezidentas Smetona vessel on Baltic Sea bottom

Ship „Prezidentas Smetona“

Scientists of the Klaipėda University say they have found Prezidentas Smetona, the first warship of independent interwar Lithuania, on the bottom of the Baltic Sea in Estonian waters.

"This is 99 percent that ship, the photographs were taken by special devices controlled by naval specialists, and comparison with historical photographs and historical blueprints (show a) 99 percent match. The expedition is not yet over, the process continues, but this is what the scientists can say," Toma Liutike of the university told BNS on Tuesday.

Vladas Zulkus, the head of the project, said on the eve of the expedition that it would aim to check two possible locations of the ruins.

The project is financed from the program intended celebrate 100 years of Lithuania's restored statehood.

Prezidentas Smetona was sunken in 1945 while sailing under the flag of the Soviet Union that had occupied Lithuania.

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