Proposed Constitutional Court president pledges to step up case hearing

Dainius Žalimas
Foto: DELFI / Audrius Solominas

Professor Dainius Žalimas of Vilnius University’s Faculty of Law, proposed by the Lithuanian president for president of the country’s Constitutional Court, pledges to solve the problem of lengthy case hearings.

In an interview with the Lietuvos Rytas daily, he said, if he became president of the Constitutional Court, he would cut as much as possible the time spent on hearing a case.

“With no doubt, there’s no magical recipe that would allow us to swiftly hear the existing cases. At the moment, the Constitutional Court’s rulings on 35 cases are being awaited. Since the start of 2014, 15 cases have been heard and 6 decisions have also been made in response to clarify the court’s previous rulings. So we could seek to make sure there are no cases heard for longer than 2 or 3 years,” Žalimas said in the Tuesday interview.

“An annual report by president of the Constitutional Court to the Seimas would be a good thing as it would allow to better inform lawmakers about key heard cases, constitutional law affairs and problems. Such a report would be also beneficial for raising awareness of the Constitution Court’s activities,” Žalimas said.

He also rejected claims that he is a candidate of the opposition Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats. “I have no links to any party. I have not been a member of a political party for the last 13 years,” he said.

Source: BNS
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