Lithuania’s strongest man Savickas beats Game of Thrones ‘the Mountain’ in log lifting contest

Most overhead log lifts in one minute by Žydrūnas Savickas

Lithuania’s strongest man and the 2014 world’s strongest man Žydrūnas Savickas has beaten Thor Bjornsson, ‘the Mountain” in Game of Thrones in an astonishing Guinness World Records contest to break the world record for log-lifting.

The world record contest that pitted the strongmen against each other involved lifting a 150kg log above their heads as many times as they could in a minute (see video).

Thor managed to lift the 150 kg (330 lb) log above his head a pretty impressive four times in 60 seconds but Lithuania’s Savickas lifted it an incredible six times, once every ten seconds, to take the Guinness World Record title.

The metal “log” had two handles and weighed more than two average adult males. The strongmen were only considered to have lifted the log when they had lifted from the ground and raised it over their heads arms extended before returning it to the floor in a controlled fashion.

This latest attempt comes after the pair went head-to-head for the Fastest 20m carrying two fridges record, with Thor winning the title in 19.60 seconds.

While Žydrūnas achieved the fastest power stairs (3 x 225 kg) after hauling three 225kg (496lbs) weights separately up five steps in just 31.60 seconds.

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