Lithuania 'among safest travel destinations in Europe'

Alminas Mačiulis, the government's chancellor, congratulated Lithuania on the start of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation's (UNWTO) European Commission meeting. At last year's meeting in Columbia, Lithuania, Switzerland and Montenegro were chosen for a four-year term as the leaders of this group uniting nations throughout Europe.

“We'd like to thank the organisation for the opportunity to host the 60th UNWTO meeting of European member states. This gives our country the opportunity to actively get involved in the decision-making process and provide our own proposals and arguments for how to responsibly and safely ensure further tourism development in Europe,” said Mačiulis. He also mentioned that, year by year, the number of tourists visiting Lithuania was growing.

During the event, Mačiulis spoke about how tourism not only strengthens the economy, but also opens new opportunities, expands people's perspectives, and encourages countries to work as partners. “Tourism helps us know one another when we live in different parts of the world,” he said.

Mačiulis also emphasised that, despite the changing security situation, Lithuania remains one of the safest travel destinations in Europe. He encouraged the delegates to take an active interests in the opportunities offered by Lithuania.

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