The Top 10 craziest Lithuanian sayings in the world

Every language in the world is rich with its own hidden meanings and turns of phrase that only native speakers will truly appreciate, and Lithuanian, as one of the oldest languages in the world, is no different. Here we pick the top most fun and outrageous phrases which are used by some Lithuanians every day.

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Beržinė košė (birch porridge) – a beating

Foto: Vida Press

Pjauti grybą (cutting a mushroom) – speaking nonsense

Kabinti makaronus [ant ausų] (hanging noodles on the ears) – to fool someone

Man stogas važiuoja (my roof is riding away) – I'm going crazy

Nevaryk dievo į medį (don't drive God into a tree) – stop trying to grab more than you've got

Pilti iš tuščio į kiaurą (to pour from an empty container into a leaky one) – to speak without meaning

Nuėjo šuniui ant uodegos (it left on the dog's tail) – it was all in vain/all for naught

Faktas kaip blynas (it's a fact like a pancake) – it's totally true

Kaip pirštu į akį (like a finger in the eye) – when something is exactly correct or insightful

Foto: L. Rebždžio nuotr.

Spardyk debesį (go kick a cloud) – take a hike!

These are our ten favourite Lithuanian phrases, but there are plenty more as well. We invite our readers to comment below with their favourite Lithuanian phrases!

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