Lithuanian government plan to stop emigration 'will not work'

Emigration is rising

Lithuania's Parliamentary Speaker has said a government-proposed plan to curb emigration will fail to stop Lithuanian citizens leaving the country for a number of reasons.

Loreta Grauziniene said: "I have seen this plan, to tell you the truth – it will not stop (emigration)," Grauziniene told Ziniu Radijas news radio on Wednesday morning.

"Emigration is curbed by mainly bigger forces. The processes do not only take place in our country but also in other countries, and everyone emigrating to Great Britain after Brexit thinks about whether it is the best time to go," she said.

Amid rising emigration from Lithuania over the past number of years, the outgoing Cabinet approved a plan in mid-July, which the government claims should reduce emigration and bring back emigrants from abroad.

Under the plan, measures to encourage people to live in Lithuania include ensuring income that would guarantee certain living standards for families and increases in minimum wages over a number of years, which the government claimed would tackle the social and economic causes triggering emigration.

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