Baltic grid synchronization with Europe possible via one LitPol Link - Sefcovic

Litgrid and LitPol Link

The European Commission's vice-president in charge of the energy union says that the Baltic countries could synchronize their power grids with the continental European system via a single LitPol Link line by expanding its capacity and that the project could receive EU support.

"I think that the most economical and fastest solution, as it appears right now, would be what I call LitPol Link Plus. So, a bigger capacity of the current interconnector plus strengthening interconnection among the Baltic states," Maros Sefcovic said in a press conference in Vilnius on Thursday when asked about ongoing discussions on how many lines between Lithuania and Poland are needed.

Sefcovic also said that he had suggested that the Baltic countries apply to the Commission for funding for the synchronization project.

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