Natural gas prices for households growing from July

Foto: Vida Press

Natural gas for residents and all household consumers in Lithuania will go up by 5-8 percent from July after expiry of the 2014 gas discount granted by Gazprom.

Loreta Kimutytė, spokeswoman for the National Commission for Energy Control and Prices, said that the commission had approved the new prices on Wednesday. Residents using natural gas for cooking will pay 64 cents per cubic meter (including VAT), which is 5 percent up from the current price. Meanwhile, those using the gas for heating will pay 39 cents (up by 8.3 pct).

Nevertheless, Lietuvos Dūjų Tiekimas (Lithuanian Gas Supply, or LDT) said that gas prices in the second half of 2017 would be 17-28 below the level of early 2014.

LDT supplies gas to about 560,000 households in Lithuania, including nearly 94,000 using the gas for heating.

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