2 new suspects in January 13 coup trial, probe dropped in connected to 7 more

January 13 victims' graves at the cemetery

The Lithuanian Prosecutor General's Office said it had handed to court another part of the January 13 case of attempted coup to court on Monday, with charges brought against two more individuals.

The prosecutors also said they had dropped an investigation in connection to another seven suspects who did not commit any actions that qualify for a crime.

The court received the portion of the case where two unnamed Russian citizens are charged with crimes against humanity.

The judicial proceedings will probably be held in absentia.

The probe in connection to the two suspects was separated from the large January 13 trial in 2014. The separated probe features a total of nine suspects. Operations of the remaining seven individuals were investigated in a probe, which was closed after the state depleted all possibilities to identify the people behind the crime.

The biggest portion of the Jan. 13 trial is pending at a Vilnius court for 18 months, with charges brought against over 60 individuals. All of them, except for Gennadyi Ivanov and Yuriy Mel, are tried in absentia. The hearings are due to resume in September.

Fourteen people were killed in early hours of January 13 of 1991 when Soviet units stormed the Vilnius TV Tower and the Radio and Television Committee Building in an attempt to overturn Lithuania's legitimate administration.

Eight months after the events, six persons were sentenced to jail terms for establishment of anti-state organizations and other crimes. They have already served their terms.

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