Vilnius hosts congress of World Conference on Constitutional Justice

At Lithuania's Constitutional Court

Constitutional court presidents from around the world are taking part in the 4th Congress of the World Conference on Constitutional Justice (WCCJ) that is opening in Vilnius on Tuesday.

The topic of the Vilnius congress is "The Rule of Law and Constitutional Justice in the Modern World", the Lithuanian Constitutional Court said in a press release.

Discussions during the congress's five sessions will focus on "the diversity of the concepts of the rule of law in different countries, the role of constitutional courts in ensuring the rule of law, the protection of human constitutional rights, and the independence of constitutional courts", the court said.

The goal of the congress is "to promote dialogue at the international level, which is beneficial to judges of constitutional justice institutions, and to strengthen constitutional justice as a key element for democracy, the protection of human rights, and the rule of law," it said.

According to the press release, more than 300 guests from 90 countries of the world and over 100 participants from Lithuania are taking part in the congress.

The Vilnius Communiqué is planned to be issued at the end of the event on Wednesday.

The WCCJ brings together 110 constitutional justice institutions from Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia and Australia. The organization has since 2009 held congresses every three years in a different continent. The three previous congresses took place in Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro and Seoul.

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