Advice on Astravyets N-plant in tune with Foreign Ministry - Energy Institute chief

Participation of Lithuanian scientists in a project to provide advice to Belarus on the Astravyets nuclear power plant (NPP) was coordinated with the Foreign Ministry, says Sigitas Rimkevicius, the head of the Energy Institute. Meanwhile, the ministry's official says it was a slap in the face.

"The ministry's officials realized the mission, which could also benefit us – our scientists can be a reliable source of information," Rimkevicius told Lietuvos Rytas daily.

However, Darius Degutis, Lithuania's envoy for Astravyets matters and a diplomat of the Foreign Ministry, said he had no information about the Lithuanian scientists' involvement in a project, emphasizing it was a barely comprehensible blow in the face: "Lithuania's position is clear. Construction of the Astravyets power plant must be stopped without delay."

In Rimkevicius' words, people can be angry about the construction, however, the construction continues and will probably be completed.

"So maybe it is more important for us to have some information about the construction and work to make the object as safe as possible," said the head of the institute.

He supported Lithuania's official position on Astravyets, stressing it could not be built in its current location.

The project, involving Lithuanian scientists, is financed under the EC program Nuclear Safety Instrument, which receives some money from Lithuania, as well.

Source: BNS
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