Lithuanian ambassador to Berlin surprised to see Soviet flags at Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

Lithuania's ambassador to Germany says he was unpleasantly surprised to see a demonstration featuring Soviet flags and Bolshevik uniforms at Berlin's Brandenburg Gate on Monday.

"Was communist terror less criminal than Nazi one? Why these commies at the Brandenburg gate are tolerated?" Darius Semaška tweeted in English.

He shared a photo featuring a poster marking the centenary of the Bolshevik revolution, as well as Soviet symbols with a hammer and sickle and red Soviet flags.

The diplomat told BNS that he came upon the demonstration by chance while heading for a meeting.

According to Semaška, many Germans still avoid equating Soviet and Nazi crimes for fear of being accused of trying to rehabilitate the Nazi past or belittle the Holocaust. "Russia is abusing this in the information warfare", he said.

The ambassador said that his tweet was aimed at drawing attention once again to the crimes of communist regimes.

Lithuania and another five Eastern and Central European nations back in 2010 called on the European Commission to criminalize the denial of Soviet crimes at the EU-level. Many Western European countries have criminalized the denial of the Holocaust.

Source: BNS
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