Japan's Hitachi closing office in Lithuania

Japan's Hitachi, a corporation that was due to build the new Visaginas nuclear power plant in Lithuania, is closing down its mission established in the Baltic state nearly six years ago.

Registered in Great Britain, Hitachi Europe Limited notified the Center of Registers of its decision to terminate operations of its bureau in Lithuania. However, the company Hitachi Visaginas Project Investment that was established for the N-plant project remains.

Hitachi was the leading partner of Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, the strategic investor in the Visaginas facility. In the summer of 2011, Lithuania chose Hitachi as strategic investor investor in the Visaginas power plant, however, a referendum held the following year did not draw sufficient support to proceed.

The nuclear project has not been officially terminated, however, Lithuania's updated energy strategy does not envisage development of nuclear energy.

Source: BNS
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