Sleet inundates Klaipėda: city South turns into a lake

Floods in Klaipėda this morning
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On Monday morning numerous Klaipėda residents had to resolve the problem of how to float their cars out of their yards and go to work. The Southern part of the port city was faced with severe flooding of its streets and yards.

“The Klaipėda municipality administration director Saulius Budinas called an emergency session of the Commission of Extreme Situations. Due to unfavourable weather conditions and several days of continuing rain, unfavourable conditions for vehicle traffic have formed in the city,” Klaipėda municipality representatives report.

Residents are asked for avoid nonessential car trips and instead take public transport. If taking one’s own car is necessary nevertheless, have waterproof footwear and clothing in your car, in case you have to step out if the car malfunctions.

The second Commission of Extreme Situations session will be held at 12 today. In it, more accurate information and further advice to residents will be released. Klaipėda residents will be informed further immediately after the meeting.

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