Lithuania: Kaunas to announce new tender for stadium after offers exceed projected price

Kaunas city
Foto: DELFI / Rafael Achmedov

The municipality of Lithuania's second-largest city Kaunas said on Thursday it would call a new tender for reconstruction of the Darius and Girėnas Stadium, as all of the seven offers exceeded the maximum price of 25 million euros.

The updated tender will be called in two weeks, with the results to be available in mid-January.

Gintaras Petrauskas, administrative director at the Kaunas municipality, the increase of the maximum price will be "rather significant" in the new tender.

According to the municipality's earlier calculations, 5 million euros will be received from European Union (EU) funds, and the remaining sum should be contributed by the municipality and the government in equal shares.

The municipality plans to start the destructing the stadium at the end of winter or in early spring.

Source: BNS
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