A few moments from the Oyster Festival opening in Vilnius

Oysters to the guests from the Bazaar by Bill Phalii

From November the 23rd to the following Sunday the Uptown Bazaar located at the Comfort Hotel and Apartment complex had a four day International Oyster festival.

The brand new Uptown Bazaar has been open since the end of September of this year. At 16:00 Thursday a crowd enjoyed the festival opening with free oysters and champagne. Oysters from Netherlands, Ireland, France, and Spain were served. A variety of champagnes were also complimentary. Most other vendors and cafes had complimentary samples for the event kick off. Including free pizza slices and burgers.

The food court is 1100 square meters in size and contains a wide variety of food products and food cafes. The court is upscale and has individual cafes that sell tacos, hamburgers, pizza, Spanish pastries, oysters, Asian noodles, and pancakes from Holland, teas, coffees, chicken wings and ice cream from Thailand.

Shoppers can also enjoy a variety of ciders, teas, and coffees at Uptown Bazaar.

Food vendors also sell vegetables, fruits, seafood, smoked fish, steaks, wild boar, olives, and bakery goods.

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