Stončaitis appointed as Lithuania's govt chancellor

Algirdas Stončaitis
Foto: Organizatorių archyvas

Algirdas Stončaitis, chancellor of the Interior Ministry, has been appointed as chancellor of the Lithuanian government of Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis.

"He is an experienced and competent official who is well aware of the specifics of state service, has knowledge of interinstitutional relations and enjoys a good name among public servants – first of all because of his participation in smooth and transparent implementation of a number of reforms in the public sector that yielded significant results to the society and the state," Skvernelis said in a press release.

A decree on Stončaitis' designation was signed on Friday.

The post of the government's chancellor has been vacant for a month after resignation of Milda Dargužaitė.

Stončaitis, a lawyer by education, was appointed as the Interior Ministry's chancellor in 2015 when the ministry was headed by Skvernelis. Before that, Stončaitis served in the Police Department for years after working in criminal police until 1997.

Source: BNS
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