Tricky hiring system pushes Ukrainians into shadow in Lithuania - daily

Unlawful labor makes a rather significant share of shadow economy in Lithuania, and the indicator is fuelled by unlawful employment of foreigners in the country. Tricky hiring conditions are currently one of the business obstacles, which is believed to go away after simplification of the process, Lietuvos Žinios daily said on Friday.

"Small-sized businesses find the existing hiring process as excessively complicated, however, amid the growing lack of employees the hiring of foreigners is becoming more relevant for small- and medium-sized companies. However, difficulties to hire foreigners create an environment to bypass them and move the operations to the shadow. Then we end up in a situation where citizens of third countries start working in Lithuania after receiving Schengen visas in Polish tourism agencies and permits to work in Poland," said Gytis Morkūnas, the head of the Entrepreneurship Department at the governmental investment promotion agency Enterprise Lithuania.

According to data provided by the State Labour Inspectorate, Ukrainians made 47 of the 60 unlawful foreign workers busted last year, which accounts for nearly 80 percent of all unlawful foreign employment. Out of the 90 illegal workers from abroad busted this year, citizens of Ukraine made 70 percent. Nearly all of the Ukrainians were busted in the construction sector.

Source: BNS
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