Defence minister publishes recruitment lists for 2018

Foto: Organizatorių archyvas

Lithuania's Defense Ministry on Wednesday published the recruitment list for the country's Armed Forces.

The list is available at

The 2018 recruitment lists includes nearly 28,000 young men between ages of 19 and 26.

The lists may include the young men who filed applications to join the volunteer service. The so-called volunteer recruits have the opportunity of choosing the location of service and will be paid higher pay.

Somewhat more benefits are offered to the recruits who are included in the recruitment list and volunteer to do the service as a priority.

This year, nearly 3,900 recruits will be enrolled in various units of Lithuania's Armed Forces this year for nine-month service, which his an increase by 300 from 2017.

Lithuania's Defense Ministry projects that, regardless of the continuing high activity of volunteer and priority recruits, a few dozen actual recruits would be enrolled. Last year, 53 young men were recruited this way.

Source: BNS
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