Mauritius authorities find lost Lithuanian female

Foto: Shutterstock

Mauritius authorities have tracked down Lithuanian tourist Asta Murauskaitė who had been lost in the forest.

"We can confirm that the young woman has been found alive," Rasa Jakilaitiene, spokeswoman for the Lithuanian foreign minister, told BNS after receipt of confirmation from the Mauritius police on Sunday.

Murauskaitė got lost in a wooded area in the island in the Indian ocean last Friday, she contacted her family and the local police, however, the authorities then failed to establish her whereabouts. The woman's telephone was later out of radio coverage, and an intensive search operation was initiated, involving a helicopter. On Saturday, the police managed to trace the history of the woman's telephone signal, however, the search operation was burdened by rainfall. The operation was resumed on Sunday morning.

A local news portal,, published a photograph of the smiling Lithuanian female, saying she had been found by extensive forces of local rescuers in the Black River Gorges National Park, south-western Mauritius, at around noon.

Source: BNS
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