Lithuanian institutions to discuss Huawei equipment with Telia - news portal

After US intelligence organizations recommended the country's citizens to refrain from using Huawei telephones manufactured by Chinese manufacturer Huawei, Lithuanian institutions plan to hold talks with Telia telecommunications company on the safety of its network, Defence Vice-Minister Edvinas Kerza told news portal. Telia's mobile communications network is built on Huawei's basic equipment.

"The case with Telia is rather complicated – the equipment is already in the network, in the public communication. I believe we will shortly talk about risk assessment. I cannot disclose all information – it is classified but Telia plays a special role, it is among the most important in Lithuania, especially in the field of telecommunications, so it is subject to somewhat stricter state standards and rules," Kerza, a vice-minister in charge of cyber security and hybrid resistance, told the portal.

In his words, it is important to make reasonable and evidence-based decisions instead of jumping to recommendations of not using telephones of certain manufacturers.

According to, US intelligence institutions gave a few reasons to the media in support of discarding the Huawei telephones. They say Huawei is a manufacturer close to the Chinese government, therefore, it leaks private user information to the country's administration.

Source: BNS
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