Head of Lithuania's cadet lyceum suspected of abuse

Suspicions of abuse, unlawful use of an electronic mean of payment and document forgery have been brought against Viktoras Daunys, director of General Povilas Plechavičius Cadet Lyceum based in Lithuania's second city Kaunas, the Special Investigation Service (STT) confirmed on Wednesday.

Document forgery suspicions were also brought against a CEO of a private company.
The Kaunas City Municipality and the Ministry of Interior Affairs are the stakeholders in the lyceum, a school of general education.

On Monday, searches were conducted at the educational institution and the company, with some documents seized. Both of the suspects were detained and released after questioning on a written pledge not to leave the country.

A Kaunas court on Tuesday suspended Daunys from his office for three months.

Source: BNS
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