Seimas unlawful influence probe involves 5-6 interest groups - committee chair

Vytautas Bakas

The Committee on National Security and Defense's probe into unlawful influence on political processes in Lithuania involves five to six interest groups, the parliamentary committee's chairman said on Wednesday.

"(The available material) shows interest groups aiming to establishing themselves or influencing the strategic sectors of the state. These centers of power have always been in place, only their names have changed," Vytautas Bakas told reporters after the committee's meeting.

When asked how many interest groups the probe involved, he said that the committee had focused on "five to six main groups" active during the period covered in the probe.

When asked whether the activities of all of these groups had posed a threat to national security, Bakas said that "(when) a group that wasn't elected by anybody is able to adopt decisions in the state, that is a threat to national security".

He also confirmed that not all companies mentioned in the probe were Lithuanian-owned.

The committee earlier this week received a part of declassified information provided by the State Security Department as part of the investigation.

Source: BNS
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