Cause, damage of DFDS Seaways ferry's fire to be clearer on Thursday

Regina Seaways
Foto: DELFI / Rita Gečiūnaitė

The Danish ferry company DFDS Seaways' ferry Regina Seaways is undergoing inspection in Lithuania's port of Klaipėda after the fire incident in the Baltic Sea on Tuesday when it was en route from Germany's Kiel to Klaipėda.

The company promises to provide more information on the cause of the incident and damage sustained on Thursday.

"The ferry is undergoing inspection in the port now to identify damage sustained, and also the cause of the incident. We will have more details on Thursday," Vaidas Kumbys, spokesman for DFDS Seaways, told BNS Lithuania.

In his words, the ferry was scheduled to leave for Kiel on Wednesday. Some passengers have been offered seats on another ferry or refunds.

A report on a possible fire on the DFDS Seaways ferry was received on Tuesday afternoon after smoke was spotted coming out of the engine compartment. The ferry arrived in Klaipėda late on Tuesday, using one of its engines. All 335 people onboard, mainly German citizens, were unharmed.

Source: BNS
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