Opposition urges L. Kukuraitis to resign

Linas Kukuraitis

Kaunas resident Eglė Kručinskienė is going to court based on child beating accusations. Officers state that they have gathered sufficient evidence of her guilt. The event has resonated in the public and has forced politicians to amend legislation protecting children from violence. While the opposition is urging the minister of social security and labour to resign, he does not intend to do so, despite receiving threatening messages, lrt.lt writes.

The accused of child beating E. Kručinskaitė's children are now home, however the woman will face accusations of domestic violence at court. This case has left the public split, however both sides agree that the legislation protecting children from violence should be amended.

Due to this, the opposition has demanded an explanation from Minister of Social Security and Labour Linas Kukuraitis. According to the opposition, the main problem is that now parents, who lack social skills, are not provided aid – they are not taught how to care for their offspring.

The minister states that firstly, it will be defined more clearly, when children can actually be taken from their family and what alternatives social workers have instead of taking the children away. Furthermore, social workers will receive cameras.

The opposition states that the minister is a good person, but a poor leader and urge him to resign.

This is only the lightest remarks the minister receives, compared to threatening messages that have been sent.

"They write various things – how they view me, how they rate me poorly, how I have created a system where it is unclear, where the children will be taken, that it is a system of selling children. All the myths being escalated arrive with me as the culprit," L. Kukuraitis says.

Current legislation protecting children from violence has been in place for five months. During it, more than 900 children have been taken from potentially abusive families.

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