Seimas committees condemn Russian aggression against Ukraine

Foto: Reuters

The Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Committee on National Security and Defence of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania have released a joint statement condemning Russian actions against Ukrainian Navy ships on 25 November, 2018.

The statement notes that such actions by Russia threaten the security and stability of all European countries and calls for Russia to immediately cease provocative actions toward Ukraine, returning the seized Ukrainian ships and seamen, as well as compensating losses incurred and ensuring Ukrainian vessels free access to Ukrainian ports in the Azov Sea.

It also emphasises Lithuanian support for Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic integration and calls on strengthening NATO and EU support for Ukraine, as well as a strengthened NATO presence in the Black Sea.

The document, signed by Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Juozas Bernatonis and National Security and Defence Committee chairman Vytautas Bakas, concludes by appealing for EU member states and institutions to expand political and economic sanctions against Russia, to take immediate action to end Russian aggression against Ukraine and ensuring compliance with international law.

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