Social workers complain of threats and even physical aggression: purchasing video and audio recording equipment

With tensions spiking regarding children being taken from their families and ever new accusations flying at various services, the State Child Rights Protection and Adoption Service (VTAT) is rushing to ensure its staff’s security – two public procurements for video and audio recording equipment, as well as emergency buttons, were initiated.

Two new procurements were announced on the state procurements portal on November 23: video and audio recording equipment purchase and GPS-SOS commutators (emergency aid buttons). Companies had to present their offers by 9 AM on Thursday.

The GPS-SOS button procurement was halted due to a lack of information management system in the purchasing organisation to coordinate the use of the buttons, while the procurement for video and audio recording equipment continues, though further information on the purchase is not disclosed. A response to Delfi explains that the purchases were motivated by the need for objective and full information on staff's interactions with families.

The Ministry of Social Security and Healthcare notes that social workers have in recent times been subject to verbal abuse, threats and even physical aggression, sometimes requiring police intervention. There have been cases, individuals have actually appeared at the homes of social workers' relatvies.

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