A festive police raid full of smiles and warm coffee held in Lithuania

Foto: Lithuanian Police Department

During the bridging of winter holidays Lithuanian police invited drivers to a friendly “Clean driver” raid in Vilnius. Tens of drivers responded to the invitation on Facebook. While treating themselves to a warm cup of coffee, provided by Lithuanian coffee shop chain “Vero cafe”, drivers had the opportunity to have a chat with the officers, check their driving history, and ask questions that they were interested in, a press release from the Lithuanian Police Department states.

The holiday raid wrapped up this year’s “Clean driver” initiative, during which drivers, who showed a good example to others and were responsible on the road, were awarded with a free car wash in “Švaros broliai” tunnel car wash. Over the four months during which the initiative was held, 500 drivers have already earned the name of a “Clean driver”.

"Clean Driver" is an exemplary driver who has not violated the Road Traffic Rules in recent year, exemplifies road safety on the road, and encourages other drivers to take part in traffic responsibly.

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