Three schools – one director: education institution head shortage due to low wages and high requirements

Foto: Ignas Rusilas

It is not only the number of students that is declining in schools. For a time now, there has also been a shortage of education institution heads. There are few willing to take the jobs due to low wages and excessively high requirements. As such, some directors are heading three schools at the same time, writes.

Vaidas Bacys, who is the head of three schools in Šiauliai region, which teach a total of 350 children notes that the situation requires a rethinking of one's administrative and leadership skills due to the need for clear delegation of tasks for teachers, staff and specialists. He explains that he took up the post in three schools in order to save small regional schools because they would otherwise risk closure.

Šiauliai region has faced a shortage of school directors for six years now, with there being a shortage of five directors currently. At the same time, city schools are also faced with this shortage, with Šiauliai city also facing a situation where directors have to take charge of multiple schools at once recently, while in several schools, the office was trusted to deputy directors.

A school director earns a net wage of 1000 euro. A deputy director earns a similar sum, however their work entails lower responsibilities.

According to education specialists, it could be that in the future this shortage will worsen. As such, smaller education institutions will have to be merged. Furthermore, there is already a lack of funds to maintain school administrations. The Ministry of Education and Science funding is insufficient, thus some municipalities are forced to contribute from their own budgets.

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