L. Linkevičius on events in Ukraine: the Normandy Four is practically non-functioning

Linas Linkevičius

The Lithuanian minister of foreign affairs says that the Normandy Four, which was assembled to resolve the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is practically non-functioning because apparently the Kremlin is awaiting the presidential elections in Ukraine, lrt.lt writes.

Linas Linkevičius will be visiting Mariupol with colleagues from Latvia, Estonia and Poland. According to the minister, this minister visit, which was initiated by Lithuania, is a sign of solidarity toward Ukraine and seeks to remind the international community how Russian actions in the Sea of Azov are ruining Ukrainian ports.

The land front line is just several tens of kilometres from Mariupol, while the bridge to Crimea has limited the height of ships able to pass and constant Russian inspections when crossing Kerch Peninsula have deterred shipping companies.

Representatives of Mariupol Port say that the situation has not been this bad for decades. It was heated even further when a month and a half ago, Russia attacked Ukrainian military ships near Kerch. Following this attack, the heads of four countries' diplomatic corps will visit Mariupol.

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