Doctors and pharmacists complain about malfunctioning e-prescription system

The Ministry of Healthcare wants for all doctors to end usage of paper based prescriptions in 2019. Apparently already 8 out of 10 compensated prescriptions are electronic. However, doctors and pharmacists say that the e-prescription system is constantly malfunctioning and patients face major inconveniences, writes.

Doctor Andrius Bleizgys, who has issued more than 8 thousand electronic prescriptions already says that the new regulations allow to dedicate more time to patients. In cases of more significant illnesses, it would take up to half an hour to write up prescriptions by hand, while now it takes only a few minutes, albeit assuming that the system is not malfunctioning and, as in the case of his clinic, that it has obtained the improved software.

The family doctor says that doctors may have gotten used to the complicated electronic prescription system, however they are massively frustrated by the system's constant malfunctions.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Healthcare responds that the e-prescription system is constantly being improved and malfunctions are ever rarer, thus last December, already 85% of compensated prescriptions were made electronically.

"The institutions, which write up compensated prescriptions, they also write up electronic prescriptions for non-compensated medicines. Half the doctors make all their prescriptions electronically and this is probably proof that it is convenient. Perhaps it is not exactly what we would like because we all have differing expectations. But it will be improved in response to doctors' needs," Vice Minister of Healthcare Kristina Garuolienė says.

Pharmacists, who have to decipher handwritten prescriptions ever less often say that their work has become easier. However, with the system malfunctioning at least once a week, clients sometimes have to wait for their prescribed medicines for a while or come back later.

The Ministry of Healthcare plans for all prescriptions to be made electronically in 2019.

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