Civic committees aiming for Vilnius city council seats complain on inability to form coalition

Vilnius City Municipality

Civic electoral committees aiming to compete for seats in the city municipal council are complaining that they cannot form a coalition, while parties are able to. Discontent, five committees are saying that in terms of the electoral campaign, they are ignored and discriminated. Due to this, they have called upon the Central Electoral Commission (VRK) for explanations, writes.

The possibility of taking matters to court has been mentioned.

According to the VRK chairwoman Laura Matjošaitytė, there were discussions earlier of allowing civic electoral committees to join into coalitions, however legal regulation has not changed and the law does not specify such coalitions. Based on the law, with no less than 35 days to go until elections, parties can form coalitions and merge electoral rolls.

The municipal elections are to be held on March 3.

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