Lithuania celebrated Restoration of Statehood Day

March 11 celebrations
Foto: Rolandas Parafinavičius

On Monday, Lithuania celebrated Restoration of Statehood day, which featured a solemn sitting in Seimas, marches in the cities and various events.

Among the events was the raising of the three Baltic States' flags in Vilnius' Independence Square. City guests were also invited to carry a 400m long Tricolour down Vilnius' Gediminas Avenue from Independence Square to Cathedral Square. Thousands of people took to the streets in celebration.

The day was also marked with an annual nationalist march. Presidential candidate, philosopher and presidential candidate Arvydas Juozaitis and MP Petras Gražulis participated amid chants of "Lietuva-Lietuviams." [Lithuania for Lithuanians] The march concluded with the protest "Sugrąžinsim Vytį Vilniui!" [We will return the Vytis to Vilnius!]

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