Estonia invites Lithuania to begin consultations on communist crimes tribunal

Hammer and sickle

Lithuanian Justice Ministry has received a proposal from the Estonian Justice Ministry to begin consultations on the establishment of an international body to investigate crimes perpetrated by communist regimes, the daily Lietuvos Žinios reported on Friday.

According to the paper, Lithuania has not yet finalized its position on the idea of founding such a tribunal.

Back in 2015, the then Lithuanian Justice Minister Juozas Bernatonis and his Estonian, Latvian, Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian and Georgian counterparts approved a joint statement on the need for such a body.

Professor Justinas Žilinskas of Mykolas Romeris University's Department of International and European Union Law, told the paper that the establishment of such an international body to investigate communist crimes would be a rather symbolic move to maintain historical memory as it would hardly help bring to justice the perpetrators of communist atrocities, most of who area dead, at least in Lithuania.

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