Opinion: Lithuania's timely euro adoption means it will make into first-speed Europe

Zigmantas Balčytis

The European Parliament voted on the European Commission on Wednesday.

The new Commission was urged to present proposals for a joint external euro zone representation in order to ensure efficiency in the euro zone and a united vision on all issues pertaining to this representation.

What can the European Union expect from the new Commission and its president Jean-Claude Juncker?

Mr. Junkcer, even before he was elected to lead the new commission, said in July 2014 that the euro zone and the European monetary union should be represented by one chairperson.

This means that Mr. Juncker is ready to set up a new institution, a centralized euro zone management authority and thus institute a two-speed European Union.

Lithuania's switch-over to the euro is very timely. After euro zone management is centralized, Lithuania will be moving at the first - euro zone - speed.

Zigmantas Balčytis is Lithuanian MEP and member of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats.

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