Beržinė košė (birch porridge) – a beating

Foto: Vida Press

Pjauti grybą (cutting a mushroom) – speaking nonsense

Kabinti makaronus [ant ausų] (hanging noodles on the ears) – to fool someone

Man stogas važiuoja (my roof is riding away) – I'm going crazy

Nevaryk dievo į medį (don't drive God into a tree) – stop trying to grab more than you've got

Pilti iš tuščio į kiaurą (to pour from an empty container into a leaky one) – to speak without meaning

Nuėjo šuniui ant uodegos (it left on the dog's tail) – it was all in vain/all for naught

Faktas kaip blynas (it's a fact like a pancake) – it's totally true

Kaip pirštu į akį (like a finger in the eye) – when something is exactly correct or insightful

Foto: L. Rebždžio nuotr.

Spardyk debesį (go kick a cloud) – take a hike!

These are our ten favourite Lithuanian phrases, but there are plenty more as well. We invite our readers to comment below with their favourite Lithuanian phrases!