According to a statement released to the public, in the coming days, 120 donors are needed for donations for the Blood Center to meet patient needs.

According to Lina Kryžauskaitė, head of the Blood Center of Santaros Clinic, positive blood group A remained at a critical low, and donors during the big holidays are not in a hurry to give blood due to festive worries.

"To make it clearer why we are so worried about it and turning to the public, I will say that at present in Santaros klinikos Blood Centre, A positive blood group stocks are critically low - just over 70 bags," said L. Kryžauskaitė.

According to her, sometimes this amount is needed for just one, severely bleeding patient. On average, thirty A positive blood group bags are used per day.

According to the Blood Center head, in order to meet the New Year without fear, the usual number of donors should be three times higher than in the usual days.

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