In her words, Lithuania's General Consulate in San Paulo received official confirmation from Rio de Janeiro's police that a Lithuanian citizen had been murdered in the town of Paraty.

Local police are investigating the crime.

The consulate informed Lithuanian police, asking it to inform the man's relatives.

It was reported on Thursday night that a Lithuanian tourist was murdered south of Rio de Janeiro and his partner is suspected to have been raped during an assault near a popular coastal town.

According to local media, the police said Adam Zindul's body was found in his rented apartment and his partner told officers she had been raped. The woman was taken to a hospital.

The local services have not commented on the possible motives of this assault, or provided any more details.

The Brazilian TV channel Globo reported that Zindul and his Brazilian wife rented a house close to a remote beach Praia do Sono which can be accessed either by boat or via a path going through a tropical forest.

Praia do Sono is some 26 km away from Paraty, a picturesque town with cobbled streets and colonial-style buildings, popular among tourists. The town is several hours away from Rio de Janeiro.