Landsbergis told journalists at the presidential palace on Tuesday that he spoke about this with President Gitanas Nauseda.

"Today, I see a possibility to gather a nucleus of responsible parties before the election, and it could become an axis for the formation of a future coalition," the HU-LCD leader said.

He did not name specific parties he considers responsible, only explaining that these are parties "that set themselves important state goals, do not set unrealistic goals, look at the state's management responsibly, do not avoid responsibility, meaning that these are not four-year parties."

"Responsibility is the opposite of populism," Landsbergis said.

In his words, the now ruling Lithuanian Farmers and Greens Union has all chances of becoming a statesmanlike party as "they have people who are statesmanlike".

Landsbergis also said he presented to the president part of the HU-LCD's Seimas election program on education and ecology.

"I am very glad I had an opportunity to present the president, the first person in the state, the framework of our program. In 2016, the president was invited as one of experts to provide his comments and proposals on our new "Plan for Lithuania", and now using the good experience, we turned to him and presented the educational and ecology part of the program, asking for comments and to get introduced and introduce his team," Landsbergis said.

He also expressed doubt that parties would manage to sign a national education agreement before the forthcoming election. The politician said he sees part of politicians as not wanting to resolve difficult education issues.

In his words, the HU-LCD proposes in its Seimas election program to establish a network of state gymnasiums for 10-15 such schools "to become education magnets".

Presidential adviser Povilas Maciulis said the head of state presented his proposals for the upcoming six months during the meting. In his words, the improvement of the public procurement procedure was the key focus.

Lithuania will hold a general election in October.