"The garment factory in Nemencine is currently the biggest COVID-19 hotspot outside healthcare facilities," Rolanda Lingiene, the head of the National Public Health Center's Vilnius Department, has told BNS.

"A case was confirmed there on Friday and another four on Saturday. We had 13 infected workers on Sunday, and that number is going to increase," she said. "(The infection) is spreading rapidly, which worries us very much."

"It is especially worrying that we have reports of people breaching self-isolation. Around 100 people must be in isolation and we already have reports from Nemencine residents of breaches of the self-isolation requirements. Police have been informed," Lingiene said.

Vilnika, the local garment factory, employs 314 people, based on information from the Center of Registers.

In another case of great concern to epidemiologists, a member of the staff at Senevira, a residential care and nursing home in the district of Vilnius, has tested positive for COVID-19.

The home has just over 200 residents – the elderly and other people with underlying health conditions – and employs around 150 staff. All of them are to be tested for the virus.