"Given the COVID-19 pandemic-related restrictions in place in various countries, it is not possible to say yet when these individuals could come to Lithuania," the ministry said in its response to BNS.

Of the allocated funds, 96,000 euros will go to the Foreign Ministry, 38,400 euros to the Social Security and Labor Ministry, 17,700 euros to the Education Ministry, and 5,400 to the Health Ministry.

The Foreign Ministry will use the money to pay for the relocation costs, including travel and insurance, accommodation, and transportation of property.

Other ministries will be responsible for the relocated individuals' integration in Lithuania in accordance with their respective competencies.

The government launched the relocation process last September in light of the escalating political, economic and humanitarian crisis in the South American country.

The Foreign Ministry says 25 people have applied for relocation to Lithuania since the start of the process.

The government was asked to provide funds for 12 individuals with the status of a relocated person, but the Foreign Ministry says a total of 19 people have been granted the status to date.

Lithuanian citizens, people of Lithuanian descent and their family members who permanently reside in Venezuela may file an application for the status with Lithuania's embassy to Spain by October 1, 2020.