Some 24,000 people had at least one alcohol-related diagnosis established last year. The number of such ill people stood at 858 per population of 100,000, compared to 863 in 2018.

Having consistently gone down since 2011, the number of directly alcohol-related deaths rose again last year and stood at 544, up by 37 cases, or almost 7 percent. There were slightly over 19 deaths per population of 100,000 last year.

The rate stood at 18.1 in 2018.

Statistics Lithuania says four out of ten people who died of alcohol-related causes had liver diseases, and over a quarter died of accidental alcohol overdose. Around every eight person died of alcoholic cardiomyopathy.

Men were 3.5 times more likely to die of alcohol-related diseases. More deaths per population of 100,000 were recorded in rural areas, then in cities, standing at 23 and 18 respectively.

Alcohol dependence cases prevailed last year, standing at 611.5 per population of 100,000. There were 161 cases per population of 100,000 of alcohol's toxic affect and there were almost 94 cases of alcoholic psychoses.

The majority of alcohol consumption related diseases involved men aged 45-49. The retae was more than 3 times higher among men than among women.