A person with a mild form of the disease will be considered coronavirus-free after 10 days from the start of the disease, and the fact will have to be confirmed by a doctor.

"The very recovery fact will have to be confirmed by a family doctor or doctors treating the patient," Garuoliene told journalists on Thursday. "People won’t need to go and have tests done as they will be considered healthy after a certain period of time from the beginning of the disease and they will be able to get back to normal life."

The criteria will be changed taking into account scientists' recommendations and practice of other countries, the vice minister said.

Now in Lithuania, a person is considered coronavirus-free 14 days after falling ill, confirmed by two negative tests.

A total of 6,760 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Lithuania so far. There are 3,635 active cases and 2,983 recoveries. And 110 people have died of the virus.