As the European Parliament Liaison Office in Lithuania reports, it is important for Lithuanian residents that the EU should only provide funds to member states conditional upon their government’s implementation of the rule of law and of democratic principles. 70 percent of respondents in Lithuania believe so, compared to 77 percent in the whole of the EU.

Some 50 percent of Europeans and Lithuania say they, first of all, feel "uncertainty" because of the pandemic.

47 percent of Lithuanian residents (39 percent in the EU) say that the COVID-19 pandemic has already impacted their personal income, and 24 percent of Lithuanians (27 percent of Europeans) expect that in the future.

As many as 62 percent of Lithuanian resident have a positive opinion about the measures the EU is taking to fight the pandemic, compared to 46 percent in the EU.

Lithuanians are more critical of their own government's measures to tackle the pandemic. The survey was carried out on September 25 through October 7. The public is divided on the issue as 47 percent of Lithuanian residents backed the government's measures and 47 percent were against. The situation is similar to the EU average.

The Lithuanian public is also divided regarding human freedoms restrictions during the pandemic as 47 percent are against and the same percentage of people are inclined to justify them.

In terms of that, Lithuania is close to Central European countries that are much more critical then the average European.

Across the EU, 59 percent of residents are inclined to justify restrictions, and 37 percent are critical of them.